The famous Fairmount Bagel shop.

Back when I used to work in the Mile End neighbourhood of Montreal, we had the world of food right at our fingertips for lunch selection. We were incredibly spoiled. Today could be a sabich, an Israeli pita sandwich made of fried eggplant and hardboiled eggs, or an aromatic jerk chicken served with fried plantains, a composition hailing from the Caribbean. The Mile End is an eclectic community, a rich embodiment of the soul of Montreal — overflowing with street murals, vintage stores and art studios, the two most famous bagel shops in the city, endless nightclubs, microbreweries, brunch locales…

Here is an age old adage that any child of Tiger parents will recognize:

You can be anything you want when you grow up — as long as it’s a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer.

I was the anti-thesis of the model Asian Tiger child. I loved the kinds of activities that were only meant for leisure and never as a career. I didn’t have the patience to sit and practice piano for hours on end or the brains to become an anything prodigy. I liked to draw and paint in front of the TV instead of memorizing my…

Title: Peer Support Centre (PSC)— an attempt at a case study on service design

My role: Branding and graphic design, content creation, strategy development, volunteer recruitment, training, trying to convince people I had the capabilities to do UX research

Target users: Undergraduate and graduate students at McGill (~18–30 years of age)

by Elonë from Germany

I am a feminist. Most, if not all, of my female identifying friends are feminists. We talk about feminism a lot. We form sisterhoods over our shared experiences with womanhood — in all its beauty, delights, and frustrations. I rarely have to question whether my female friends are feminists. For most young female adults, feminism has almost become synonymous with womanhood.

But as important as it is to be surrounded with strong feminist women, it is equally important to be surrounded by strong feminist men. It concerns me that I am far less certain about the percentage of my male…

Here goes nothing?

Today is September 14. Four short months ago I, like thousands of other college graduates, walked across the convocation stage, bowed in front of my Vice Chancellor, and was awarded a giant piece of paper that doesn’t fit neatly anywhere but in a custom $200 cherry oak frame — a price that is pennies compared to the amount of money I’ve already forked over to have this piece of paper in the first place.

I graduated. I still had some stars left in my eyes despite a long, strenuous 4 years of school. The future seemed bright. I had an…

Emily Xing

I try to write honestly —

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